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Ecological performative walks: 11111

SPA 11111 | aleatoric choreography

These are a daily practice. They take place in physical and virtual reality / space. Everyone can participate in them, after making appointment at:

They are part of the Supernova 2.0 project (as if SUPERNOVA 2.0 | ecological collective identity) 2021 - 2024.

Meetings are in the form of walks (physical, virtual or symbolic) and are an expression of walking affirmation, a celebration of the possibility of being together in the context of b i o c r i s e s in realities.

The possibility of participating in a meeting or a series of meetings is addressed in particular to people who, due to the current situation, have found themselves in any form of biocrisis . However, All whom are Interested are invited and welcome.



Maria Nova / NOVA






stories / talks / advices / rituals / beeing together


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