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~ as if SUPERNOVA 2.0 |
ecological collective identity ~


in the context of

in realities

not island not
(or undersleeping)

if you’re asleep, don’t try to wake up / do you have dreams? perhaps you shouldn’t

maybe you shouldn’t sleep lying / at least get up

there’s a serious problem

I. Here is my home.


II. In my home, I practice bio-creativity (especially growing eco-identities and collecting bio-words) and ecologically hosting guests; 1: 1.


III. My bio-processes are measured (prolonged moments of bodily, island-like insulation, inhabiting the mid forest or desert areas of the self) and consist of minimum actions. The necessity generates action: I only do what is happening. I deal with creating situations which, from my perspective, seem necessary – necessary in the face of the ecology and / or the choreography of the ego. My strategy is to act in a precisely defined place, time, and situation, assuming the largest possible annexation, taking root in circumstances and existing things, including  social ones: spontaneously established relations and interpersonal or inter-entity occurrences become matter, a material for action. I avoid producing material facts; when an army of non-existent wild forms is marching through my mind, I check which of them are true (important) and I look for homes for them in realities. I find ~


IV. ECO = from Greek οἶκος (oikos) home or the way a home functions. Linguistic nomadism, the necessity of living in new homes and islands, which is driven by crisis.


V. Ecological crisis (and the climate crisis associated with it) IS a crisis in the functioning of a home: it is multidimensional, it concerns social life at its source. In the Anthropocene, paradoxically, we have forgotten about ourselves, about home, the need to create networks, about i n t r a s p e c i e s equality: ecology towards the other, including the other in you. If we want, we can start the process of adjusting ourselves to life in the novacene*.


VI. Preventing climate disasters must exist concurrently with preventing disasters in the functioning of homes and islands, preventing interpersonal catastrophes, and more broadly – societal ones: building ecological identities and interpersonal and inter-species ecological relations based on ecological and economic communication is a NECESSITY and an OPPORTUNITY.


VII. SUPERNOVA 2.0 is a model identity of the novacene. It establishes possibility of reflection on the idealistic pursuits of individuals within the framework of the visual postulate ‘from ego to eco’. It is a contemporary social challenge (~ as if SUPERNOVA 2.0), in which we should not forget that plastic (!), viruses, and bots also belong to the ecosystem (…) Supernova = we (all), an ecological collective identity.


VIII. S-2.0 arises on the basis of art, constituting both - its effect, product, and continuum. It is a proposal of a postcapitalist view on the art market and its status, as well as on the situation of people creating it. S-2.0 is a proposal for a series of shifts in thinking about art artifacts: non-material facts and ephemeral situations are reasonable effects in art history and are equal(ly) benefactors of the trans/action, as well as its material equivalents. I suggest collecting living art (inter alia Allegro / ONE-HOUR MEETING WITH NOVA), created by living artists and an unconditional sharing of resources.


IX. The mediums are,  an  e n c o u n t er and identity (here: supernova 2.0**): archipelago; islands inhabited by choice (identity is also an island), not island not.


X. Further development of S-2.0 will result from ecological conversations and/or meetings in which each and every person may participate, and which will start here


* Let’s check James Lovelock’s brilliant ideas and remarks, especially those included in „Novacen. The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence.










NOVA (Maria Nova)


Newly born identity (pursuant to the decision of the Registry Office on April 5, 2018). Autothematic and self-reflective, capable of making intelligence-based interspecific interactions, a self-renewing creative being, subjectable to all verifications. Nova is a secondary self-construct, created as a personality palimpsest based on the strategy of rehabituation, distancing, lack of faith in definitiveness and belief in the human abilities of reconstruction. Nova is the effect (product?) of Nova (Maria Nova); s_he is a subject and an object at the same time, inherent in the artist’s body / person. It is a beginning of a new, legally established identity, open onto interference of people and events.













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